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Founded 1933

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WHU Ring Lists 2014/15/16/17/18/19 and 20 are available on our Ring List Page, Please check first to find the owners direct telephone number.


If a racing pigeon is lost or flown out it may land near a house or garden area to rest. Pigeons eat grain (wild bird seed, corn, dried peas, lentils or even dried rice), if you give it grain and access to water with a little sugar, in most cases the pigeon will eat, rest, then fly off.  If it does not leave within a few days and you are able, we suggest you catch and contain the pigeon. Once the bird is contained you may find the phone number of the owner stamped on the wing or on a ring on the birds leg. If no phone numbers are found you can contact the appropriate Organisation according to the ring prefix on the birds leg. In doing this the owner may be notified and arrangements may possibly be made for collection.  


If the ring has any other prefix please check the list of other Organisations for more information.


For further advice please telephone 01443 441010 Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.00pm or email [email protected]


All rings with the prefix WHU will read, e.g. WHU 2016 A 12345, please ensure you have the full ring number in order for us to locate the owner.


If the ring does not contain the WHU prefix please check here for more information.