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The raptor alliance press office is here to assist with any inbound media enquiries. Any follow up contact that unions, clubs or fanciers receive from journalists, researchers, producers, programme directors and writers should be forwarded to [email protected] / 07552 610770.


Now is a timely opportunity to remind pigeon fanciers of their role in representing the sport

online and offline. Content of online forums, chat rooms, comments on online articles/blog posts and activity on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is visible to the

public. Therefore users need to adhere to the codes of conduct generally applied and accepted: it's important to be respectful of other users and their views. The same remains true in all other forms of public communication, whether in the form of letters to local newspapers, comments sent in to radio stations or conversations in the pub. Negative behaviour can provide long lasting damage.


The new drive to gain media exposure for pigeon racing needs the Support of the sport's community of enthusiasts, to help educate the public at large and encourage them to think positively about pigeon racing.


Thanks once again to the many of you who have already taken the time to help and show your support for the new press office role and marketing work underway. This is a long term project requiring the commitment of all involved to be successful.


Here are two of many photos forwarded to us by a Member who has suffered a hawk attack.





click here click here Hawk photo 1 Hawk photo 2