Welsh Homing Pigeon Union

Founded 1933

© 2010 WHPU

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Object & Rules

1. The name of the Union shall be the



2. Unless the context requires a different meaning. "THE UNION" means "THE WELSH HOMING PIGEON UNION"."SOCIETY" means any

    Club established for the promotion of the Sport of Pigeon Racing or Showing Affiliation to the Union. "FEDERATION" means any

    Association of Societies. "MEMBER" means a Member of the Union. "COUNCIL" means the Council of the Union constituted as here-in-

    after provided. "SECRETARY" means the Secretary of the Union.


3. The Objects of the Union are:-

   (a) To control the Pigeon Fancy in Wales, for the benefit both economic and administrative of all its Members.

   (b) To encourage the Sport of Long Distance Flying.

   (c) To arbitrate, and adjudicate in all cases and disputes brought to its notice and to maintain through its administration the discipline  

        and interest of its Members.

   (d) The establishment of a Uniform System of Measurement for all flying routes, a Uniform Running Allowance, and the securing of a  

        Uniform System of Timing.