Founded 1933


Code of Conduct for Convoyers and Convoying Organisations

  1. Race Convoyers must be Members of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union
  (b) Before commencing his/her convoying duties for each race he/she shall obtain from his/her employing Secretary:- The exact race-point
  at which his/her charges are to be liberated; i.e. the name and address of the race-point.

  2. Any special conditions that have to be observed at this race-point.

  3. He/She will ensure that the stowage of pigeons conforms to the requirements of the Law. That is to say that all containers will be properly
    secured within the racking of the transporter and that the bulk stacking of crates/baskets containing pigeons is not resorted to because it
  is against the Law.

  4. He/She will inspect their charges, at each stop, but not less than once every eight (8) hours.

  5. He/She will ensure that adequate food and water is available for the race, or alternatively have instructions as to how and where they are
  to be obtained. He/She will be solely responsible for the welfare of the pigeons in their charge and will ensure that they are adequately fed
  and watered.

  6. He/She will position the vehicle in order to ensure a perfect liberation, bearing in mind the wind conditions. The Convoyer/Liberator must
  be fully responsible for checking that all Baskets remaining on the transporter at the race-point and on return to its depot are individually
  inspected in order to ensure that no live birds have been left therein.

  7. The Race Advisor/Controller will obtain weather forecasts. The Race Convoyer, in conjunction with the other Convoyers/Liberators at the
site and his/her Race Advisor/Controller, will agree liberation times generally on the basis of the longest to fly first up, and a minimum
period of fifteen (15) minutes be observed between each separate liberation.

  8. He/She will have in his/her possession a Certificate confirming that all pigeons on the transporter have been vaccinated.

  9. The Convoyer/Liberator will be entirely responsible for liberation, whether he/she has a race adviser or not, subject to an Organisation's
  own domestic Rules. 

10  In the event of any pigeon(s) escaping, he/she must seek his/her own Organisation's Official re emergency action to be taken.

11. The correct time of liberation should be made known to the Secretary/Race Adviser and a full report of the race handed to the Secretary on
    return, together with the Convoyer/Liberator/Organising Official's signature stating that he/she personally inspected all baskets after


12. The race-point to be left clean and tidy, including gathering up all loose material and seals after liberation, and suitably disposing of it, if
    necessary bringing it back with him/her for disposal.

13. He/She will conduct himself/herself at all times as to completely avoid any complaint.

14. Only with the full permission of the employing Organisation will pigeons be liberated at any other point other than that which they are
  scheduled to be liberated.

15. He/She will report to his/her Organisation whilst at the race-point or subsequently in his/her report, any items which places at risk, either
  the safety of the vehicle, the welfare of the pigeons or the fairness of the release, including the failure of a Convoyer/Liberator to
  co-operate at the race-point.

16. He/She will comply with the liberation site conditions or regulations.

17. Where overseas racing is concerned, he/she will ensure that they are in possession of full documentation as laid down each year by Union
  Headquarters. These documents to be provided to him/her by the Secretary of the Organisation concerned.

18. All feeder vehicles, before leaving the transfer area, are to be checked to ensure that no birds remain on the vehicles.

19. Failure to comply with the above Rules may lead to disciplinary action against the Organisations or individuals concerned.

20. Organisations must adhere to the figures set out below:-
  Floor area per bird
  (a) Night Basketing 44 sq.ins
  (b) Two Nights Basketing 52 sq.ins
  (c) Three Nights Basketing 60 sq.ins

21.(a) Pigeons entered in Races, Shows and Training must be vaccinated against Paramoyxovirus with D.E.F.R.A. approved Vaccine as per
  E.C.C. Regulation.
  (b) A Vaccination Certificate containing the details is to be used.
  (c)Vaccination of pigeons must be witnessed by two independent Members of the Club, or a Vet who will be required to sign the
  Vaccination Certificate on the front and likewise after the last pigeon listed on the reverse of the form.
  (d) The Vaccination Certificate should have recorded on it the make of the Vaccine used and the batch number of the Vaccine.
  (e) The original copy of the Certificate should be retained by the Club and a Certified true copy lodged with any other Club (if a Member is
  in more than one club). These Certificates should be retained for two (2) years.
  (f) Members entering pigeons in Races and Shows will be required to Certify on their Race Entry Forms that the pigeons have been
  vaccinated against Paramoyxovirus with a D.E.F.R.A. approved Vaccine.
  (g) An Official Form will be sent to the Federation confirming that all Members have Vaccinated and the Club are in possession of Valid
  Vaccination Certificates.
   (h) Federations: on each and every transporter travelling to race-points, and for every race, a Certificate showing that:-
  1) Number of birds carried.
  2) Confirming that all are Vaccinated.