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Mrs G Jones Secretary



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                                                                                           Mr E C Clark                      Mr J M Rogers                     Mr J Owen             



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The Welsh Homing Pigeon Union is the Governing body for Pigeon Racing in Wales and was founded on the

25th of November 1933. The purpose of the WHPU is to administer Pigeon Racing throughout Wales.


The Welsh Homing Pigeon Union is an Organisation run by elected Officers and Councillors.  All Councillors are nominated by the Individual Federations which are Affiliated to the WHPU, with the Officials being elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.


All Clubs have the opportunity to submit Notices of Motion to the AGM, these Notices of Motion are voted on by Club delegates present.


The objects of the Union are to control the pigeon fancy in Wales for the benefit of both economic and administrative of all its Members.  To encourage the Sport of Long Distance Flying.  To arbitrate and adjudicate in all cases and disputes brought to its notice and to maintain through its administration the discipline and interest of its Members.  To establish a uniform system of measurement for all flying routes, along with a uniform system of timing.


Annually, for the best performances within the principality, the WHU award its five prestigious Trophies: -             The Queens Cup, T G Buffett Memorial Trophy (runner up to Queens), Prince of Wales (opposite route to Queens winner), qualification of these Trophies must be 300 miles or over.  Taffy Bowen Sprint Cup, (up to 300 miles), and

J O Davies Young bird. The awards of these Trophies are adjudicated by outside bodies. Applications can be found on the document page. (please note there will be a closing date at the end of the racing season for applications)


There are Six Federations Affiliated to the WHPU which consist of over 100 Clubs. We also have one National Club plus The Welsh South East Combine. Also Affiliated are over 200 Individual Members.



Details for such Federations and Clubs are as follows:


                         New North Road Federation                                                                                       Rhondda Valley Federation                                    

                         Mrs C Warner                                                                                                                   Mr C Jones                                          

                         Caldicot, Monmouthshire                                                                                              Porth, Rhondda                                                                                          


                         newnorthroadfederation.weebly.com                                                                       rhonddavalleyfed.weebly.com                                                      



                          South West Glamorgan Federation        South West Wales Federation               West Wales South East Federation            

                          Mrs P Knowlton                                             Mr L Owen                                                   Mrs R Scott

                          Pencoed, Bridgend                                       Swansea                                                       Pembrokeshire, West Wales                                                    


                          [email protected]



                          Welsh South East Combine                     Welsh South East National F C

                          Mr & Mrs C Jones                                          Mrs P Knowlton

                          Porth, Rhondda                                           Pencoed, Bridgend












                                                OLD TIMOTHYS YARD

                                  LLANFOIST STREET

                                      TON PENTRE


                                        CF41 7EE


                                  TEL: 01443 441010

                                  [email protected]


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